Do I need a reservation to ride the shuttle?
Yes, reservations are required and can be made online up to 1 hour before shuttle departure time. If space is available you may show up last minute and pay the driver at the pickup location with a debit/credit card however it is important to note that a reservation is the only way to confirm your seat. Also, reservations for Bellevue, North Bend, Wenatchee Penny Road location (winter holidays only), Pangborn Memorial Airport (canceled flights only), must be made, or the shuttle will NOT stop to pick up there. "Walk on" passengers may only pay for a one way. If you need a round trip reservation please make your reservation on-line or call the office, if needed, between 8am-5pm Monday through Friday for assistance.
How do I make a reservation for the shuttle?
You can make an online reservation. Call the office at (509) 293-5773 if you need to cancel.
How far in advance can I make a reservation?
In general, you can make a reservation up to 6 months in advance.
What methods of payment are acceptable?
You can pay either with a credit/debit card on-line or at the office. Payment with debit, credit, or cash may be made with the driver when boarding if seats are available.
Can you pick up or drop off at a location in Wenatchee or Seattle that are not listed above?
We adhere to our travel routes and do not provide door to door service for our daily shuttles. This service may be available through a private charter by calling the office at (509) 293-5773. Note that Cle Elum is a pick up for eastbound shuttles only and a drop off for westbound shuttles, and also a bathroom break stop.
I'm being dropped off at Sea-Tac Airport - where will I be dropped off?
The shuttle drops off all passengers on the Departures deck at Sea-Tac in the Bus only Zone between doors 15 and 23. This is by Delta Airlines. This map is for departures.
I'm at Sea-Tac Airport, where do I catch the Shuttle?
  1. Go past Baggage Claim Carousel #2
  2. Look for, and EXIT out door #2 or #00
  3. Walk along the sidewalk (do NOT go into the parking garage)
  4. WVS shuttle picks up curbside.
  5. Please be in this area AT LEAST 5-10 minutes PRIOR to the departure time and watch for the shuttle to arrive.


What if my flight is delayed?
Wenatchee Valley Shuttle firmly follows departure times and cannot delay passengers by waiting for those affected by airline delays and cancellations (due to weather, over-bookings, etc.). If your flight is delayed or cancelled, please contact the office as soon as possible to see if there is room for you to ride the next departing shuttle.
How long does it take to get from Wenatchee to Sea-Tac airport?
It takes approximately 3 hours, including our 7-10 minute restroom break in Cle Elum. During winter months plan on it taking an additional 15-30 minutes depending on weather and road conditions.


  • Sea-Tac Airport (arrivals lane, pick up at Door 2 or 00)
  • Bellevue Shell (150th Ave. SE)
  • North Bend Premium Outlets (by clock)
  • Peshastin Big Y Park & Ride
  • Wenatchee Train Station
  • Wenatchee Penny Rd. Park and Ride (holidays only)
  • Pangborn Airport (canceled flights only)
Do I need a parking permit for parking at the Penny Rd. Park and Ride?
Yes, you need a permit for parking at the Olds Station Park and Ride Lot on Penny Road. Print a permit here. Please make sure you place this on your SEAT, without it your car will be tagged and potentially towed if left for more than 48 hours.
Do you do home pick ups?
We do not provide home pickups and or drop offs. Please visit our charters page or contact our office if you would like a private transportation charter.


Can I charter an entire shuttle?
Yes, we provide charter services for any occasion: weddings, concerts, large group trips, wine tours, ball games, conventions and more! Please contact our office for information specific to your group's travel needs.


Pet Policy:
Service animals only. We no longer allow non-service animals. The owner will need to clean up any messes and/or pet hair upon arrival at the destination. Service animals may ride at the feet of the passenger if space is available or will have to ride in the luggage compartment in a hard pet carrier.
Objectionable Passengers:
This company reserves the right to refuse to transport persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or who are incapable of taking care of themselves, or whose conduct or behavior may be objectionable to other passengers. The carrier also reserves the right to refuse carriage of any materials that the carrier considers unsafe and not in the best interest of the passengers.
Scheduled Maintenance:
Carrier will not be liable for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, bad conditions of roads, snow storms or other conditions beyond the control of the carrier and does not guarantee arrival at, or departure from, any point at any specific time. The time schedules provided are schedules the carrier endeavors to maintain, but does not guarantee to be able to do so at all times due to conditions listed above and others.
Baggage/Luggage Allowances:
Passengers are allowed one carryon bag per person. There is a $10 charge for each additional carry-on. Each standard suitcase costs $15 and each XL item (golf bags, skis, hockey bags, bike, large duffel bags) is $20. All Baggage is subject to inspection for the and comfort of all passengers. Materials not allowed on the shuttle for transportation are Firearms (unless locked and stored in the back), packages that are leaking, articles that have foul or obnoxious odors, or items that cause annoyance or harm. W.V.S. is not responsible for lost or damaged luggage or property. However, If a piece of luggage is lost or damaged due to negligence of W.V.S., the company will reimburse up to $250 for an adult suitcase and $100 for a child's.
If my luggage is damaged during transit on the shuttle, how will I be compensated?
As provided by Washington state law (RWC 81.29.050), unless a higher value is declared prior to transportation and agreed to in writing by Wenatchee Valley Shuttle, property damage liability will be limited to $250 for an adult suitcase and $100 for a child's. Additional valuation will be charged at $1.00 per $100.00 or a fraction thereof.
Carry-on vs. Lap Item: What's the difference?
A carry-on bag is typically stored in a plane's overhead bin, while a Lap item should fit under the seat in front of you. EACH ticket includes one carry-on and one lap item - such as a briefcase, purse, or laptop bag - at no extra cost. If you have any additional items or checked luggage please include it during the reservation process.
Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Children ages 12-17 must have an Unaccompanied Minor form completed and submitted electronically prior to reservation. There must be an adult present to drop off and to take responsibility upon reaching their destination. Additionally, ID will be checked and must match the Unaccompanied Minor form at both pick up and drop off. Children less than 8 years old must be restrained in child restraint systems, unless the child is four feet nine inches or taller. A child who is eight years old or older, or four feet nine inches or taller, must be properly restrained either with the motor vehicle's safety belt or an appropriately fitting child restraint system. When a child restraint system is required the parent must provide and install their own car or booster seat for safety, and is responsible to remove it upon reaching their destination. It is required by our insurance that all occupants, including children, must wear seat belts at all times while the shuttle is in motion.
Fares range by city pair (see our Fares section) priced per person regardless of age. All taxes and costs are included in the price. A 4% processing fee applies to all reservations made with a credit card.
Refunds, Ticket Limitations, Changes, Cancellations:
Subject to the exceptions below, unused tickets will be redeemed at the purchase price and unused portions of round-trip or commutation tickets will be redeemed by charging the regular fare or fares for the portion or portions used and refunding the balance of the purchase price. If a reservation is cancelled more than 48 hours prior to shuttle departure time, the reservation can be refunded, minus a $10 administrative fee per ticket. If a reservation is cancelled in less than 48 hours to shuttle departure time, the reservation will be refunded, minus a $10 administration fee or coupon to be used within 6 months of the date of travel. Cancellations are not allowed after the scheduled departure time of the reservation, unless it's due to a flight delay or other extenuating circumstance, in which case passengers will be rebooked onto later shuttles as available. Customers who fail to show up by the scheduled departure time of their reservation at the designated pick-up point or who have not called to cancel or change their reservation prior to shuttle departure time are NOT eligible for a refund. Refunds will be made if the cancellation or change was caused by an airline delay or cancellation, minus the $10 administrative fee per ticket. The company does not overbook shuttles, therefore if a passenger reserves a seat, and does not show up to use it, it has blocked that seat so other passengers could not utilize it; which causes loss to the company, making this cancellation policy firm. Passengers are free to alter a reservation one time, if needed, at no charge. Any additional changes to that reservation after the first, will be charged a $10 rebooking fee. Ticket redemption: Unused tickets will be redeemed at the purchase price, minus a $10 administrative fee per ticket. Unused portions of round trip or commutation tickets will be redeemed by charging the regular fare or fares for the portion or portions used and refunding the balance of the purchase price, minus the administration fee. A coupon code or refund will be issued for cancellations with less than 48 hours' notice, as long as it is prior to shuttle departure time.
Holidays Observed:
The shuttle will not run on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day.
Lost Items:
Items left by guests that are recovered will be retained for 7 days. Please contact the office at (509) 293-5773 to reclaim them.


Passengers who ride the shuttle to or from Sea-Tac Airport are eligible to receive 30% off one room at your choice of Comfort Inn or Sleep Inn. This is perfect for passengers flying out early in the morning or who are arriving late, past our shuttle times. Each of these hotels offer a courtesy shuttle to and from Sea-Tac Airport. A discounted room is valid only in conjunction with a confirmed Wenatchee Valley Shuttle reservation.

Comfort Inn
19333 International Blvd, SeaTac, WA 98188
In order to receive a 30% discount contact their front desk directly at 206-878-1100 and advise them you are calling to book a room with the Wenatchee Valley Shuttle discount.
Sleep Inn
20406 International Blvd, SeaTac, WA 98198
In order to receive a 30% discount contact their front desk directly at 206-878-3600 and advise them you are calling to book a room with the Wenatchee Valley Shuttle discount.