Survey Responses

I fly every 3 weeks to AZ and don't have to worry about missing a flight. I've had 4 different drivers and EVERYONE has been courteous and efficient. 11/17/2017

I really appreciate this shuttle service - it is not only convenient but also very prompt, dependable and safe! The drivers are always very courteous and friendly, not to mention considerate and helpful with the luggage, etc. 11/17/2017

I love you guys!!! Better than Ice Cream and Chocolate cake ??. As a repeat passenger I have never had a bad experience. Thank you all! Happy Thanksgiving! 11/17/2017

Excellent service. 11/17/2017

It's easy and convenient. Nice to not have to do the driving. 11/15/2017

I'm pretty sure my driver was John S. I took the shuttle Tuesday November 14 at 3:55 from the Peshastin Big Y pick up. The driver was warm and welcoming. He made me feel very comfortable getting on the shuttle. His driving was great I was never nervous. It was a very relaxing ride. 11/15/2017

I use you guys all the time between Wenatchee & SeaTac. Always on time, friendy and easy to use. 11/15/2017

Good service, price and convenience. 11/15/2017

Bob was very kind and energetic, and he was fun to ride with as well as a great driver! 11/15/2017

Bob was very outgoing and courteous. He made sure we were comfortable and went out of his way to point out interesting sights along the way and tall about local history and wildlife. Highly recommend. 11/14/2017

Excellent service, great driver, very personable, love the shuttle. 11/14/2017

I have used your shuttle several times & have never been disappointed. 11/14/2017

This is a wonderful way to get from North Bend to Wenatchee during the snowy months when I choose not to drive over Snoqualmie. 11/14/2017

For all the good reasons already mentioned and your service is more certain for getting to Sea-Tac than flying. 11/14/2017

Theron is kind, made sure I had a footstool and his arm to get into the van ( both hips replaced - so sometimes difficult ). Careful driver, friendly. 11/12/2017

Very professional driver! Was a smooth ride over and without any troubles, arrived on time. I've never had any problems with this company or its drivers. Fast, safe, professional, and punctual always! The drivers are all great with this company, I've used their service going on at least 5 years and use them very frequently! 11/12/2017

Efficient, Courteous, on time, WI-FI!!!! 11/11/2017

Very comfortable and enjoyable ride 11/11/2017

Super dependable, unlike horizon into wenatchee 11/11/2017

On time, comfortable and safe. Much better than drive over the pass in the snow, and better schedule than the airline. 11/10/2017

It was nice to have someone else drive 11/10/2017

Very convenient service. Vans are clean and comfortable. Drivers are polite and congenial. 11/9/2017

This ride was arranged by our organization, Chelan Valley Hope, for a gentleman who needed assistance to get home, to Kentucky. He is disabled and without resources, and his family provided an airplane ticket for him to return, but he needed to get to Sea-Tac airport. I asked him to contact me upon his arrival, so we would know he had arrived safely. He could not remember the name of the driver, but that he had "white hair and a beard." Our client stated the driver was friendly and very helpful, and especially, he was a very good driver and that he felt safe and comfortable the entire trip. I want to thank you for treating this man in a kind and courteous manner. The client is also extremely grateful for the kindness and help of your driver. Thank you. 11/9/2017

I travel out of SEATAC almost once a month and like the reliability of the WVS; I try to plan my departure and arrival times around the shuttle schedule. 11/9/2017

It was nice to sit back and let someone else do the driving. 11/7/2017

Excellent experience. 11/7/2017

Snoqualmie Pass Closed North ways but driver came over Stevens & was on time anyway. Arrived in Wenatchee only a little bit late. Good to be able to rely on your transport. 11/6/2017

Pickups were on time. Each arrival was about 30 mins behind schedule due to snow. Given the bad/snow road conditions I don't consider that 30 minutes as a "late arrival", we arrived safely in good time. In fact if our return driver changed the route to take Stevens Pass which was exactly the right thing to do. As we were driving they closed Snoqualmie both ways due to accidents. Very happy he got us back over Stevens for the return trip. The shuttle is clean, drivers were nice, friendly and informative. Making the reservation was also easy. 11/6/2017

Everything went great and our driver constantly asked us how we were doing. 11/6/2017

Luckily the timing of the shuttle was great for my connecting flight. This saved me several hours of waiting at SeaTac. 11/6/2017

I was extremely happy with the service. Very relaxing ride. 11/6/2017

Ken was great. 11/5/2017

great service 11/5/2017

It is a wonderful option 11/5/2017

Great service. Used your service for the first time after flight delayed over 5 hours and missed the last flight to Wenatchee and was going to be stranded at the airport for over 30 hours. Your service and driver rescued my return trip home. Will definitely use again!! I believe it was Ken who was my driver. GREAT customer service and driving. I was very very pleased!!! 11/5/2017

WVS was a recommendation from a friend. I will pass it forward. 11/5/2017

good scheduling for pickup and trip to Wenatchee. Driver offered to take us home if ride did not show. Very kind of him on a freezing night. 11/5/2017

He drove us safely thru slippery winter storm conditions around other vehicles that had crashed. 11/4/2017

Very safe and courteous and got you there safe, depending on weather conditions 11/4/2017

Comfortable car, nice driver, wifi, easy ride, great drop off options 11/4/2017

We have used the service numerous times--love having it available, especially when flights are cancelled unexpectedly. 11/4/2017

We were so happy to have the shuttle back home after a 6 week trip. Bob was very friendly, right on time, full of fun information. Thanks again! 11/3/2017

clean. neat. friendly, quick, easy 11/3/2017

I like this service very much. 11/3/2017

It is a gorgeous ride through the mountains and safe and secure. 11/3/2017

It's dependable and efficient. I've used it a half dozen times over the past few years to reach Sea-Tac from the Big-Y. 11/3/2017

It is just a very good way to get to Seattle/SeaTac. Comfortable and pleasant. John did a great job of telling a newcomer to our area the highlights of our beautiful region. 11/3/2017

Great service worked with my schedule.. my driver was great. The bus was full and comfortable. 11/3/2017

Convenience, reasonable price, comfortable ride 11/2/2017

I had been traveling for 18 hours and at last I could relax. Bob explained everything, answered questions and took very good care of myself and the other passengers. 11/2/2017

Good experience in both directions. A special Thank You to Gib who discovered our green bags had accidentally been switched right behind the driver. I put his bag in my larger bag and left mine behind. Gib, called right away and met my husband with bag exchange. The call relieved a big worry! I think I have the right name for our first driver, also excellent. 11/1/2017

everytime I have ridden with you has been a good experience except once.... and that had little to do with your people 11/1/2017

This is a great service! I use it all the time as does my husband. 11/1/2017