Survey Responses

We love the shuttle. It is very reliable and the people are friendly. 03-2020

Met all my expectations. Easy to schedule and easy to use. 03-2020

Always use company. All drivers have been extremely wonderful and helpful!!! 03-2020

My flight was cancelled and I was able to book with you and arrive in time at SeaTac. 03-2020

Easy to book, reliable service 03-2020

Always on time, polite, safe. 03-2020

I have used this service 4 times now and each time the drivers have been polite, have arrived on time at SeaTac Airport to pick me up and we have arrived on time to Wenatchee. The vans are always clean and I appreciate having WiFi 03-2020

I can relax knowing I'm going to get where I'm going. 03-2020

The shuttle has always been super courteous and their customer service is amazing! i would definitely drive with them again. 03-2020

Very efficient and comfortable! Love taking the shuttle!!! 02-2020

I think it is a wonderful service. Very convenient. Our driver was friendly and prompt! 02-2020

So happy to have someone else do the driving, especially in the winter. 02-2020

Comfortable and relaxing way to get over the mountains in winter. 02-2020

I was super impressed w/ the shuttle service! Our flight from Seattle to Wenatchee was cancelled due to weather in Wenatchee, and this shuttle was added to the schedule. Perfect timing for us! Easy on, easy off. Juan was super nice and courteous, a cautious driver and I felt safe the entire trip. I will use the shuttle again and will recommend it to others without hesitation! 02-2020

Thank you so much for helping me get to and from the airport in bad weather!! My flights had been cancelled and I was panicked! The reassuring staff and drivers were a great help. I will definitely use your service again! 02-2020

Juan was terrific- I took the 6AM bus to Bellevue on 1/28/20- it was a snowy/rainy AM and Juan had to put the chains on the bus this side of Blewett pass- I thought his was going to take a significant amount of time and so I timed him- 8 Minutes!! That was amazing. With the weather and all, we still got into Bellevue at 9:10- just 10 minutes 'late'- Many Kudos to Juan and your service. 02-2020

I am so happy to have the shuttle. I think this is the 3rd winter I have used for transport to and from SeaTac. I get picked up and dropped off there. Great to go over anytime I like to see family and friends. I recommend your service many many times to others.What a brilliant idea you had to start this service. 02-2020

Very reliable and great service. I had issues with the airport and your services greatly helped me during my trip. Very friendly staff (the drivers), clean vehicles and they offer WiFi! 02-2020

Last trip our driver was Mike with the van. It was a nice trip through the mountains and over the passes. I appreciate the valley bus system. All the drivers I’ve had are good drivers. I’ve ridden on nice days to blizzard conditions all successful trips. Nice drivers, good people, fun trips! 02-2020

You provide a safe, reliable form of transportation! 02-2020

Your shuttle is such a great service to this community and have never had a bad driver or feel unsafe in very stressful snow travel over the passes! Always recommend to others! 02-2020

The WVS Shuttle is an awesome way to get to the Seattle area without having to drive. The staff and drivers are so nice and competent drivers. The website is convenient and easy to book. 02-2020

WVS Shuttle has always been a safe and reliable ride from SeaTac to Wenatchee. They make me & my service dog extremely comfortable. 02-2020

Very convenient way to get to Seattle. 02-2020

The shuttle was a lovely way to get to Sea Tac, and I would recommend that way to get to the airport from Wenatchee to a lot of people. 02-2020

The Wenatchee Shuttle is great! It's so much nicer to sit back and relax rather than drive over the mountains after a long plane flight. Mike, our driver, was punctual, courteous and gave safety a high priority. 01-2020

Took the stress out of driving the passes. Saved $ on airport parking in Seattle 01-2020

We are repeat customers. We feel confident and safe on the shuttle no matter the weather. 01-2020

Only three hours from Wenatchee to Bellevue. Wifi on board so I could get work done and relax, rather than deal with the frustration of traffic and weather. Easily booked for the same day. 01-2020

John did a great job. Very friendly and safe driver! 01-2020

Easy to make the reservation, courteous service from the main office when I had a question, on time and efficient pickup, smooth ride, confidence in the driver. Easy locations for meeting the shuttle. 01-2020

I love the Wenatchee Valley Shuttle and convenient for me, since I work at the airport. Keep up the good work. I appreciate it very much. Riding with you guys again today. 01-2020

Yesterday was a tough day to be driving. Our driver kept us informed and drove with care. I’d give him a top rating 01-2020

The only reliable winter method of getting to SeaTac from Wenatchee! 01-2020

I took the shuttle over to SeaTac from Wenatchee on Saturday morning (1/11/20) at 6:00 am. This was in the middle of the heavy snowstorm. I was very grateful for Harry’s positive attitude and skillful driving. 01-2020

WVS Shuttle was the ONLY way I was able to get myself and my kids from Wenatchee to SeaTac because of the snow, and I deeply appreciate your service and accessibility. 01-2020

Left SeaTac only to find out Snoqualmie Pass was closed so headed over Stevens pass only to find out it was closed. What an experience it was!!!! Our driver was great. He made sure everyone on the bus was comfortable. He is amazing and deserves a raise. Can’t wait to take this shuttle again! 01-2020

Both drivers were great and very capable drivers in the snow and weather. Thank you for this service. 01-2020

The driver picking me up in Seattle, called me to make sure I knew where the shuttle was. So nice. The driver going back to Seattle was confident and capable on an extremely snowy and icy Steven's Pass. 01-2020

I use the shuttle for round trips two to four times a year and have always been pleased with the service. 01-2020

Wenatchee Valley Shuttle is such a life saver! When traveling with a family of people it truly saves money, as compared to the flight from Wenatchee to Seattle. Our driver (Juan) was great, very kind, good driver, spoke clearly, and loaded and unloaded ALL of the bags. The seats were comfortable and the free Wifi was nice to have. 01-2020

Everything about the service was wonderful, easy, and convenient; 01-2020